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ESPEN 2021 Virtual Congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism


ESPEN has decided to organize a second, fully virtual Congress for 2021.

With a big thank you to the Milano team, all of ESPEN will put its best energies and enthusiasm to continue to promote nutritional care through a virtual Congress, committed to disseminating the best science, education, and innovative concepts in our field.

We will aim at creating new opportunities for interaction, further innovations, and initiatives to enhance these exchanges, as well as effective presentation of original findings and new topics through a renewed and updated programme. We are committed to building an enhanced technical platform and tools to ensure fruitful and smooth participation for all.

We hope you will take advantage of the extended abstract submission deadline of 19 May, and contribute to the Congress by sharing and discussing your knowledge and data.

Delivering optimal nutritional care for all throughout the cancer journey: what will it take?

This Joint Policy Seminar is hosted by ESPENONCA and MNI on September 13 11.45-13.00 CET as part of the ESPEN Congress and will review the latest evidence regarding

In our round table discussion, our panel of international experts will be invited to give their insights and recommendations regarding the changes in policy and everyday practice needed to ensure that patients with cancer get the appropriate nutritional care.


The session will conclude with the launch of a joint call to action on 7 concrete steps that policymakers, clinical oncology leaders and care providers must take if a practical model for integrated nutrition care in cancer is to be realised. 


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